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Welcome to IslandRideShare

IslandRideShare was created in order to assist people on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands who want to travel in a more economical way, respect the environment, save energy and widen their contacts and friends as well as enjoy the simple pleasure of a shared adventure.

Rides are shared either in one’s own vehicle or someone else’s vehicle on a one time basis, or for commuting (e.g. going to work or school) over a longer period of time. Those sharing rides negotiate their own requirements  such as stops, destinations, ride expectations (etiquette, for example, smoking/non-smoking) and cost-sharing arrangements.

For first time users, check out How to Use RideShare for an explanation of how to use the site.
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Benefits of RideSharing:

RideSharing saves money

The Canadian Automobile Association reports that the average yearly cost of operating a vehicle can be as high as $9,000 a year, or nearly $25/day! RideSharing can help you offset these costs.

RideSharing Reduces our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Through RideShare programs such as this, our footprint on the earth can be significantly lessened by decreasing the use of fossil fuels and thus the side effects of pollution and CO2 emissions that they cause.
Road transportation is responsible for a large percentage of the average Canadian's personal greenhouse gas emissions. Each litre of gasoline burned adds 2.4 kg of CO2 to the environment.

RideSharing Calms Traffic

RideSharing reduces traffic flow, making travel safer and less stressful for drivers.


Check out the organizations who created and maintain this service.

Privacy Policy

Island Rideshare will not distribute email addresses to anyone.

Information that users enter into RideShare is done so at their own risk. Island Rideshare users are encouraged to protect their personal information appropriately. Pseudonyms or Nicknames may be used if you have concerns about your privacy. Including your telephone number on the RideShare forms is optional. Your email address is stored in the database and only used within the program and to forward ride inquiries to you.