How to use RideShare

A RideShare or carpool consists of two or more people sharing a ride in a vehicle to travel to a common destination. RideShares may involve one person who does all the driving, with riders volunteering to pay for a share of fuel and operating costs. Drivers can also rotate with any kind of mutually acceptable cost sharing agreement.

It is hoped that through the use of this site residents of the Comox Valley and beyond will find a friendly, safe, economical means to travel.

Signing Up

You do not have to have a RideShare account to view the ride listings, but you will not be able to contact another user or add your own ride listings until you sign up.

Signing up is easy! You must create a login ID for yourself and a password, and provide a few pieces of information.

The name you enter will identify you to the other users. You may use your real name, first name only, or a "nickname" - it's up to you how much privacy you want. You must provide a valid email address, which will be used to connect RideShare users.

You may indicate which Community you live in. If your community is not listed, enter "no selection". Alternatively, you may choose a neighbouring community. If you would like your community to be added, contact the system administrator.

Selecting a community allows you to zero in on ride listings from your own backyard, but it is not necessary.

Adding your profile

Adding your user profile is entirely optional. This information can be exchanged at the time that ride arrangements are made if you prefer. However it does help you to attract compatible riders. It's up to you how you do it.

Your profile can be changed at any time by clicking "Update Profile" from the user menu.

Adding a Ride

Signed up users will be able to add rides to the Ride pool by clicking on "Add a Ride" on the user menu. Rides will be classified by a 'Ride Type'.

When searching for trips, users will be able to select one of these categories to match up with others with similar itineraries, or view all rides

When adding a ride, you must also indicate the "Listing Type":

Other information gathered depends on your Ride Type. Most fields can be left at the default value if you are not particular.

You are encouraged to delete your ride listing once you find a rideshare, to avoid unnecessary contacts.

Viewing Rides:

The search form allows you to select rides based on various criteria. The recommended approach is to apply only one search criteria at a time, or you may not find any matches unless there are a large number of current ride postings.

Viewing Ride Details

To see all the details about a particular ride, click on the person's Name, which is a link to the Trip Details page.

You must be logged in to view another user's profile and ride details. If you choose to contact a person about a ride, the system will forward your email to the person's listed email address. After that, users can communicate however they wish. Some people may prefer to list their phone numbers, but the default contact method is email. The ride lister may choose to reply or not.

Updating or Deleting Rides:

A Ride posting can be updated or deleted by the person who created it. If your posting is out of date or you no longer wish to receive emails, you should delete your ride from the system. You can also update the ride details.

Cost Sharing:

If you are a passenger, you should be prepared to share traveling costs, including purchasing your own ferry tickets and contributing a portion of vehicle ferry charges, fuel costs and operating expenses. This should be arranged before a ride is accepted.

If you are a driver, be clear about what you expect passengers to contribute before agreeing to RideShare. It is reasonable to expect passengers to share in expenses, but the RideShare website is not intended to facilitate profit making ventures.