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Ferry Schedules

Buckley Bay - Denman Ferry - Between Buckley Bay on Vancouver Island and Denman Island West

Denman - Hornby Ferry - Between Gravelly Bay on Denman Island and Shingle Spit on Hornby Island

Comox - Powell River Ferry - Between Comox on Vancouver Island to Powell River on the mainland

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Comox Valley Transit Bus Schedule

Local Weather Conditions

Cost Savings Calculators

Ridesharing saves money and reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Follow these links to find out how much!

Cost & CO2 Savings Calculators

This is a great general calculator that looks at your annual driving costs and an estimate of your emissions.

Kyoto Fuel Efficiency Chart

This chart, from the Earth Future website, helps you determine specific fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions of your own vehicle. Remember, you can cut your emissions in half or more by ridesharing!

Carbon Footprint Calculator

What does your trip abroad cost the environment? Follow these links to find out how much!

Carbon Emissions Calculator for Air Travel