Hornby Island Resources & Marketing

The resources below provide a wealth of information to consider in planning and setting up a business.


Information about forming and developing a co-operative enterprise.


Effective marketing can be a neglected aspect of operating a small business. A key to successful marketing is knowing, reaching and retaining customers as a result of understanding their needs. It is particularly important for small businesses, with limited resources available for marketing, to connect products/services with a target customer base. Marketing includes product design, presentation, pricing as well as advertising and promotion. An important element for a small business is to offer a story and relationship so that customers are receiving an experience and connection as well as a product.

The need for a community marketing service was identified as a priority in the Community Economic Renewal process. As a result, HICEEC has established realHornby to serve this function. Activities include maintaining a useful and attractive web site, developing an extensive electronic mailing list, sending out quarterly newsletters, having a strong presence during the summer, assisting organizations and small businesses with marketing needs, involvement in special events and projects and providing advice. Our focus is upon providing a way for people to "stay connected" with Hornby Island so that they can deepen their relationship with the Island, the services and products available and the people who produce them. You can download here a Marketing Guide prepared by Small Business BC.

Community Futures Strathcona provides useful workshops on marketing and related topics.