Living on Hornby Island

Moving Here

This section provides information for those considering moving to Hornby as well as for those who already own property and/or live here. Hornby Island extends a particular welcome to young families wishing to raise children in this special community with all it has to offer educationally, culturally and aesthetically.


There is also information for those embarking on building. While building permits are not required there are regulations and other requirements to consider. There are programs that provide financial assistance for the rehabilitation of existing buildings.

Land, Water, & Energy

There are important considerations in owning and occupying land given that the island is within an area singled out for protection because of its unique environment containing a number of sensitive ecosystems. Water is another significant issue with a need to conserve its use and to protect the main source of supply - groundwater. Increasingly, homeowners are capturing and storing rainfall before it penetrates the ground as a source of domestic water supply. There is also growing interest in addressing domestic energy use with some valuable information now available.


Renting on Hornby can be a challenge with limited year-round rental accommodation available. It is important for tenants and landowners to understand their rights, responsibilities and the resources available to them.

Employment/Job Shop

Employment can also be a challenge, but Hornby is fortunate to have the Job Shop to provide assistance.