This section provides an overview of non-profit and membership services available on Hornby Island. A number of services, not provided locally, are available in the Comox Valley.

Comox Valley Services

Comox Valley Services (provided by Valley Links): Links to to community services (government and volunteer) in the Comox Valley including health, social, educational, employment and support services.

Arts Resource Centre

The Arts Resource Centre, (Provided by Hornby Island Arts Council 250-335-2070) including a gallery, is located behind the dental clinic and is the centre of the Arts Council's programs to support knowledge about, enjoyment of and participation in cultural activities and to improve the standards of artistic expression.

Banking - Credit Union

Union Bay Credit Union: Hornby branch open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 - 3:00 (closed 12:15 - 1:00) Hornby: 250-335-2536 Union Bay: 250-335-2122

There is ATM Machine located in the Co-op for cash withdrawals only.

Children, Youth, Family And Educational Services

Community School

Community School (Provided by School District #71 / Hornby Island Education Society (HIES):A consistently high academic program with small class sizes and extensive extra-curricula activities is provided for students from kindergarten to grades 7. HIES provides curriculum support for special programs (such as Arts Afternoons) , events (such as Winter concerts). And other activities. 250-335-2125

After-school programs

(Provided by Hornby Island Education Society) Supervised sports and arts activities are offered in three ten-week sessions throuighout the school year. These utilize local instructors and are available to both students enrolled at the school and home-schoolers. 250-335-1085


The Pre-school (Provided by Hornby Island Day Care Society): provides high quality day care with qualified staff four days a week all year. 250-335-2684

Toddler Program

The Toddler Drop-in program (Provided by Hornby Island Education Society- HIES)is a child-minding service for t?oddlers under two and a half years old and their parents. It takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to noon in Room to Grow. There is a $5 user-fee that is waived if the parent stays with their child. 250-335-1085

Educational support

(Provided by Hornby Island Education Society - HIES) HIES provides opportunities for students to recieve private tutoring, offers subsidies for students wishing to take special courses, and provides support for distance education programs, including for adults involved in post secondary education (for example, invigilation for exams). 250-335-1085


(Provided by Hornby Island Education Society (HIES) and Hornby Island Co-operative Association) HIES administers four bursary programs: the Bruce Fairbairn Memorial Bursary, The Hornby Island Memorial Bursary, the Denman/Hornby Island Memorial Bursary and the Seabreeze/Bishop Family Scholarship. 250-335- 1085

The Hornby Island Co-op administers the Macpherson Bursary.

Parenting support and education

This program (Provided by Hornby Island Education Society - HIES) is offered in three eight-week sessions throughout the school year (with free child care and snacks). 250-335-1085

Counselling, support and outreach

(Provided by Hornby and Denman Community Health Care Society): Help for families, teens and children to function effectively and independently, provide adequate care for children and resolve family cionflict. Work with youth mental health issues (suicide, crisis, substance abuse, etc). Parenting and communication skills, problem solving, referrals to other services. Parent support and education groups available/offered. Youth Outreach Services include youth support and advocacy, parent-teen mediation, suicide and crisis intervention, addictions counselling; Party Safe information, addressing sexual exploitation issues, free condoms and community education.)

All services free and confidential

Mental Health Counselling - Mike Nestor 250-898-0247
Parent Support - tbc 250-898-0247
Youth Outreach Servuces Lanna Kroenig - 250-218-6521

Teen drop-in

(Provided by Hornby Island Education Society - HIES) A safe, fun, supervised environment is provided for teens (Grades 6-12) on Fridays in the Teen Trailer, school gym and playing field, plus occasional field trips. The Teen Trailer is equiped witha pool table, fooz ball game, air hockey, ping pong, a climbing room and more. 250-335- 1085

Outdoor Education Centre

Outdoor Education Centre (Provided by the Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Society) The Centre, located in Tribune Bay Provincial Park. Provides experiential and environmental programs to almost 3,000 young people annually. This includes porograms for schools and user groups as well as summer camps and customized programs. 250-335-0080

Computer Access

Computer Access Centre

(Provided by Hornby Island Education Society) This service, located in Room to Grow, offers public access to computers, printers, Internet, scanners and a phone/fax machine. A skilled help-desk person is often available. There is a nominal user-fee. 250-335-1085 Open: Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat 10-4


Internet access is also available in the Library

Employment And Business Services

Job Shop

(Provided by The Job Shop / Hornby Island Education Society) Assistance is provided with career planning, job search, interview skills, resume preparation, liaison with training and funding opportunities and starting a small business. Available in Room to Grow by appointment every Monday (except during the summer). For appointment call: 250-334-3119

HICEEC - realHornby

(Provided by The Hornby Island Community Economic Enhancement Corporation) HICEEC provides information, facilitation and support for economic enhancement activitiers on Hornby Island, including for small-scale entrepreneurial and non-profit endeavours. Current programs include housing, tourism and community marketing (through the realhornby service). HICEEC can provide links to other services. 250-335-1155

Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce

Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce (Provided by the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce): The Chamber of Commerce invites membership of Hornby Island businesses and organizations and offers a number of valuable services. Some Hornby members meet on a regular basis. 250-334-3234


The following facilities are available for rent:

The Community Hall - 250-335-2033
Hornby Island Residents' and Ratepayers' Association
Commercial kitchen available

New Horizons - 250-335-2101
Hornby Island New Horizons Society
Commercial kitchen available

Joe King Clubhouse -
Hornby Island Atletic Association

The Community School
School District #71 250-335-2125

Room to Grow - 250-335-1085
Hornby Island Education Society

Health Care Building - 250-335-2885
Hornby and Denman Health Care Society

Food Services

The Kitchen

(Provided by the Hornby Island Education Society) Free hot nourishing lunches every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:00 to 1:00. Located just past the medical clinic. Everyone welcome. Donations accepted.

Food Bank

(Provided by Hornby Island Education Society / Salvation Army) A Food Bank service operates from The Kitchen utilizing donations from the Salvation Army (Courtenay), local donations from community members, farmers, fishers and businesses and donations from off-island businesses. The program can be accessed by calling Susan Crowe at 250-335-1629

Hot Lunch Program

(Provided by Hornby Island Education Society) A weekly meal is provided to all students at the Community School and fresh fruit and nutrcious snacks are available throughout the week.

The Golden Lunch

(Provided by New Horizens) A special lunch for seniors at New Horizons every second Monday. Contact Mette Wullum: 250-335-1155

Literary Lunches

(Provided by New Horizens) An affordable lunch (plus speaker) every Thursday at noon (except during the summer)


Hornby Island Community Fund (Administered by the Hornby Island Education Society)

This special fund (within the Comox Valley Community Fund) is currently at $120,000 and generates approximately $4,800 annually which is distributed to community groups through an application and selection process. Donations to the fund are encouraged. 250-335- 1085


(Provided by the Comox Valley Regional District) This annual program provides grants to community organizations. 250-334-6000

Home Support, Home Assist and Hospice Services

Provided by Hornby and Denman Health Care Society Home support and Home Assist services enable ill or disabled persons to remain at home and can reduce the length of stay in hospital by making it possible for a person to return home sooner. The provision of physical and psychological supoport can help keep families together. Help can be provided with personal care, meal preparation and family support.

The majority of Home Support clients are eligable for full or partial coverage by the Vancouver Island Health Authority Home Health Care Program or other agencies. Eligibility can be established by contacting your family physician, social worker or VIHA Home Health Care (250-335-5453).

Home Assist can also be purchased at the hourly rate. Home care equipment, including canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, commodes, bed pans, urinals, bath benches and more are available for free loan. 250-335-2885

Volunteers are available to provide hospice, palliative care and grief support. 250-335-2885

Library Services

Hornby Island Library - at the New Horizons Centre (Provided by Vancouver Island Regional Library) 250-335-0044

Library is open:
Tuesday (10:00am - 12:00 noon and 1:00pm - 5:00pm)
Thursday (10:00am - 6:00pm)
Friday (10:00am - 12:00 noon and 1:00pm - 5:00pm)
Saurday (10:00am - 12:00 noon and 1:00 - 5:00pm)

Books, DVDs, etc can be ordered on-line

Medical Services

Pleaes visit our Health Services Listing

Purchasing Services

The Co-op

The Co-op (Provided by the Hornby Island Co-operative Society) provides extra services to members including special ordering and a monthly ten-per-cent-off shoppiing day. 250-335-1121

Recreation Services

Hornby Recreation (Provided by Hornby Island Residents' and Ratepayers' Association)

Hornby Recreation provides a wide range of programs for fitness and enjoyment. There are various levels of yoga, biking and even a regular hula hoop class. There are special eventseach month which are advertised through the school newsletter, posters, sandwhich boards and the recreation bulletin board on the Co-op porch. There is a full-on summer program with details provided in a brochure that comes out at the beginning of June. Suggestions for programs are always welcome. 250-335-0540

Joe King Ballpark and Clubhouse

(Provided by the Hornby Island Athletic Association): Membership entitles use of fitness room, tennis court, roller blading rink, croquet court, bochi area, lawn bowling area and other activities plus a discount on events.

New Horizons

(Provided by the Hornby Island New Horizons Society) Membership opens the door to a variety of activities including dance, yoga, tai chi, bowling, bridge and walking club

Teen drop-in (Provided by Hornby Island Education Society - HIES)

A safe, fun, supervised environment is provided for teens (Grades 6-12) on Fridays in the Teen Trailer, school gym and playing field, plus occasional field trips. The Teen Trailer is equiped witha pool table, fooz ball game, air hockey, ping pong, a climbing room and more. 250-335- 1085

Gym Rental (Provided by School District #71 / Hornby Island Education Society)

Current user groups include badminton, volleyball, basketball for adults, teen nights for youth, and circus, gymnastics, floor hockey and indoor soccer for children. Gym rental costs are covered by rants and user fees. 250-335-2125

Recycling And Waste Services

Hornby Island Recling Depot (Provided by the Hornby Island Residents' and Ratepayers' Association) 250-335-0550

Winter: Friday - Sunday: 9:00 - 1:00
Summer: Thursday - Sunday : 9:00 - 1:00
Includes Free Store

Self-Help And Community Support Service

Hornby and Denman Health Care Society

A number of community groups use the Community Health Care Building for regular meetings, support, workshops, etc including Detox Support, Over-eaters Anonymous and Meditation. 250-335-2885