Ann Newdigate

As an image maker I believe that everything I do in art is in reality drawing. Making marks is a language for communicating, and for me it can be on paper, in medieval style tapestry, or through the amazing digital tool called Photoshop. I see the medium or process of choice as a personal dialect, and by working in the variety of media that I do, I place those dialects in conversation with each other.

Memory carries random piles of discreet units, a jumbled alphabet of public and private narratives. Often ambivalent, these cannot be articulated through the brain alone, but may be enticed through the ordering of mark making. By performing a drawing, we retrieve strands of what we know and intersect these with traces of what we do not yet know that we know. Darks, lights, surfaces and shapes, often contradictory, work to materialize a drawing out of the shadows. Today I find it hard to talk about things I talked about last year. The focus shifts all the time, but themes, like old friends, remain constant.

Further information can be found by Googling, and in Canadian Who's Who.

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