Diane Smith

Diane was born in Comox, and made Hornby Island her home in 1971. She raised her Hornby born daughter Rose during the 'boom years' of the 80's and ventured out 'off island' in the 90's. Over the decades she has traveled afar and lived elsewhere at times, but always returned to her home on Ford Creek, where she now lives with her 22 year old (Hornby born!) cat Nermi. She has contributed to the community as a mother, dancer, midwife, author, gypsy, yogi and fibre artist. Her current artwork reflects many years of living and working in India as a practicing midwife, her personal journey in following the philosophy of Yoga and an age old reverence for this precious coastal part of the world. She expresses her devotions and love of beauty with vibrant silk appliquéd wall hangings that dance in color under light and shadow. They capture memories of stillness in the heat of Indian summers and calmness in the midst of turmoil.

Diane is also a certified Yoga Therapist and provides treatment and practice guidance on an individual basis. She is available for consultation, specific sessions and personalized attention toward existing yoga practices and special needs.

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