Elizabeth Macdonald

Elizabeth moved to Hornby Island in 1989 where she settled into a simpler life style pursuing her art, landscape gardening and other fields of interest. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Elizabeth left Manitoba in the early 70's for the Columbia Valley in B.C., Vancouver Island and extensive travels across several continents. She lived in Africa for 4 1/2 years.

Elizabeth's studies have been in painting, graphic arts and design and her travels and life experiences have influenced the eclectic range of creativity and soulful intent within her work. As a practicing artist, Elizabeth is keenly interested in the transformative relationship of image making for the artist, herself and the viewer's independent investigation of truth. "Art appears as an untruth, a fantasy, and yet its healing fiction resonates in the process and patina of its duration. We have our own innate sensibility why it moves us so."

Studio Location

Note: Studio open by appointment only.