Masoud Zadeh

Masoud Zadeh was born in Iran in 1956 of Persian origin and immigrated to Canada in 1983. He is a clay sculptor and potter who lived in Montreal for 13 years where he developed his skill with clay. He moved to Hornby Island, B.C. in 1997, where he presently lives and works.

Masoud is known for his outstanding hand building skills. His pieces are all one of a kind, with shapes, textures and patterns that resonate with the voices of ancient cultures, while achieving a new and unique style which reflects the multicultural tone of our time.


Masoud creates his ceramic vessels, platters and wall pieces by hand, using coiling, pinching and sculpting methods. He decorates his work with variations of coloured slips (small amounts of oxides mixed with white clay); once they've reached the hard leather stage, he burnishes them with a polished stone two to three times (each time taking two to three hours, depending on the size of the vessel), then bisque fires them in an electric kiln. They are fired a second time in an outdoor kiln surrounded by hard and soft wood saw dust, various grasses, sea weeds and other treasures from nature. This ancient technique of pit firing allows the four elements of earth, air, fire and water to play and interact with each other and make their own statement on the form, giving each piece its unique patterning.


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