Roberta Pyx-Sutherland studio

Roberta Pyx Sutherland

Pyx arrived on Hornby Island in 1993 with a background in drawing, print-making and zen practice. Now living at Grassy Point, she says: "Maybe having a studio on Hornby makes landscape immersion inevitable. The island offers an environment of such intense beauty. There are few distractions here, other than the remarkable people." Pyx collects aged and weathered canvas to create her deeply textured collages, which are influenced by seismography and satellite images. As well as an open studio, she offers a drop-in drawing class and "The Painted Journey," a Jungian based painting workshop. She appreciates the donations of rotted tents and tattered awnings that keep appearing in her driveway.

Pyx's work can be found on Hornby at:
The Island Gallery, Island Potters, Sea Breeze Lodge and when she shows at the Hornby Hall.

Also at:

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