Tom Knott

I started photographing in 1971, looking for some way to express feelings, thoughts, and intuitions that I seemed incapable of sharing in any other way. It didn't take long for image-making to become the pole-star of my life.

A few years later, I came to Hornby to photograph with friends for a few days and unexpectedly experienced "home" for the first time in my life in the presence of the great trees in Helliwell Park.

And it was at about that time that I began to dream of a camera I could carry and use in dream-space.

It took awhile to move to Hornby, and a little longer to get that dream-camera -- digital imaging and a computer come close enough.

The sensuous acts of photographing and the meditative acts of image composing bring me into intimate relationship with both the world of appearances and the world of meanings, into a place where there is no distinction between the two ... they become one.

My current work can be seen at the Island Gallery, and occasionally elsewhere on the island. And older work is in numerous private collections, Art Bank, and the Vancouver Public Library collection

I also do fine woodwork -- mostly small boxes -- in the same spirit as the image-making. These can also be seen at the Island Gallery, and at the Farmers' Market (Wednesdays & Saturdays in July & August).

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