Bill Smith

In May of 1989 a cross-Canada tour found me performing in a concert that was part of a new music, performance and dance weekend organized by the then director of the Hornby Island Festival Society, Tom Durrie. I was enthralled by this charming and beautiful place. The tour ended at Pacific Cinemateque in Vancouver, and in celebration of its success there was a dinner party. By the time dessert arrived I had decided that Hornby was the place to start a new life. The following morning I returned by bus. Being an urbanite I had never learnt about the land, how to grow food or tend roses, or to live a slower more peaceful existence. The cycle of birds and animals, the spring a delight of returning life. A star filled sky. No street- or traffic-lights. No grid lock. Even a physically healthier life-style. Apart from these now obvious qualities there is the discovery that artists are accepted without celebrity status, where one is not judged, but welcomed, where instead of criticism there is curiosity.