Clair Cronia and Jamara

Clair Cronia & Jamara

We arrived on the "Rock" in the summer of '83 after a series of right and left turns across North America that brought us to the Hornby ferry. Little did we know then that the short ferry ride was to change our lives forever for when we disembarked and touched the shores of Hornby we were immediately and forever enchanted with its beauty both physically and spiritually. And then there was the Hornby "Family" that immediately scooped us up into their fold and gently held us. Our Hornby Family has changed dramatically over the years and we have seen many come and go but the true spirit of Hornby for me and my daughter is the extended family that has embraced us over these many years and through all of our changes. Blessed be to all that call Hornby their home, for it really truly is.