deb selkirk & lorne sutherland

Deb Selkirk & Lorne Sutherland

What makes Hornby special? I dunno. I tried going down and sitting on the rocks at Ford Cove to get some inspiration, but it was sunny and warm and the water was lapping away around me and I found it hard to concentrate. Not to be thwarted, I leapt up and headed into the store for ice cream and coffee.. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like sugar and caffeine. Unfortunately I got into a friendly conversation on the way out and kind of forgot what I was doing. I barely managed to escape before yet another beautiful sunset took place and I was lost altogether. I'm locked in my house now, with curtains closed, safe from circling eagles and too-tame deer. I heard there's music at the Bakery though. I could even go for a late night swim. Maybe the phosphorescent are out. AAAAAH! this place! How are you supposed to get anything done? Oh well, maybe tomorrow, over coffee. Lix has such good coffee. - Lorne