Richard and Serena Laskin

What's so special about Hornby Island?

We came in the early 70's… from the urban world… a van full of kids and dogs. We were caught up in the ideology of the 60's… seeking a better quality of life. We fell under the magic spell of Hornby… the incredible landscape… the vibrant and artistic community. We were intoxicated by the promise of learning new skills: house-building, living in a small rural community, learning to live with less on the material side but enjoying more enriched social relationships. We formed a land cooperative (Syzygy Cooperative Community)… we helped each other with old farmhouse into a bakery and pizza place that allowed us to live here permanently. We had time to really be with our kids all working together to create our house and business. And here we … 30 years later… still loving the island and the islanders. How lucky we are!