Michelle St. Pierre

When I arrived on Hornby Island from Toronto 13 years ago I was entranced by the awe inspiring natural beauty of this wondrous place. I was moved to hear locals speak of their families, their land, their gardens, the rains, the ocean, and all of the elements with deep knowingness, love, and respect. Earth and spirit were acknowledged on this island and the feminine and masculine polarities echoed the potential of unity.

The stereotypes and old conditioning began falling away and I was humbled and somewhat nervous about my decision to move to Hornby. I knew that my facade, the fictitious self would be exposed. It was and continues to be.

Deerheart Sanctuary continues to foster this journey into the truth of who we really are through silent meditation retreats. Surrounded by fern filled forests and the mantra of rushing water we can drop our defenses. Nature does not judge us. Moving beyond the world of mental constructs and strategies we let go of our point of view and enter the heartland. I feel the Spirit of Hornby Island encourages us to move beyond our well crafted identity and into the essence of our being.

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