Elke Rosendahl ~ Holistic Massage & Energy Work

I am offering holistic massage & energy treatments that are customized to your specific constitution and life stage. These sessions are designed to address:

A peaceful, meditative environment (wifi free) in a tucked-away forest is provided by the serene and zen-like design of INNER SANCTUM Studio.

I have been working as a Holistic Health Practitioner on Hornby Island (and other parts of the world) for 27 years and have been trained in:

Whole and Live/Raw Foods are also great passion of mine (as is sailing) and I coach clients worldwide on nutrition and special diets for allergies or other health issues.

Treatment Rates
45 minutes ~ $65
60 minutes ~ $75
90 minutes ~ $100

Open 7 days a week ~ Gift Vouchers available. For mobile service add $10/visit. Couples Massage, with two practitioners, is also available.

INNER SANCTUM is situated on Cowie Rd.

To book an appointment:
Call 250.335.0232 or write to: elrosendahl@yahoo.com

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