in the Spring

Grassy Point

Peace & Beauty

Without the bustle of high summer, spring is the time to fully appreciate the beauty of the Island and the character of the community. Whether you come for a romantic getaway, an active weekend, a group retreat or personal renewal, you will return home feeling relaxed and enriched.

Sand Bar


In early spring, the annual herring spawning brings a spectacular period of activity, the air filled with bald eagles and sea birds and the ocean alive with sea lions. In late spring, the meadows and bluffs of Hornby Island display a brilliant profusion of wildflowers against the vivid green of new vegetation. Rich and varied ecosystems are well represented on Hornby - from dense rainforest and oak meadows, to rocky shorelines and sandy bays.


Spirituality & Renewal

Spring on Hornby can be a healing experience. Deerheart Sanctuary offers meditation retreats and programs. Yoga, bodywork, and other practitioners can enrich the restorative experience of your visit.



Two year-round resorts, Sea Breeze Lodge and Fords Cove Marina, offer waterfront accommodation. Outer Island R&R, Handmade Harmony Retreat, The Studio and Grassy Point Guest House, are year-round B&Bs. Hornby Island Resort opens in March and Good Morning B&B in May.


Creativity & Culture

The spring beauty of Hornby is a stimulus for creativity. Hornby has one of the highest concentrations of working artists in Canada. Explore your own creativity when you visit. Check in to find out about classes and workshops happening in the spring. Arbutus Arts provides art supplies as well as showing local art & crafts.

Friday night is jazz night at the pub. May is the month for the annual Blues Festival. Concerts and other cultural events are happening all the time. The Island Gallery and the Arts Resource Centre (as well as Arbutus Arts) showcase local creations.



Hornby has an exceptional network of well-built and maintained trails on Mount Geoffrey suitable for all levels of mountain bikers. Bicycles are an excellent way to explore the Island. The Bike Shop can meet all your biking needs, including rentals and workshops. Three provincial parks and a large regional nature park offer a range of hiking experiences. Roadside trails between key locations make walking a pleasant way to get around. Hornby has deservedly become a long-established mecca for scuba diving In the spring, the waters are teeming with new life. Hornby Island Diving provides expertise and a full range of support services. Kayaking in the relatively calm waters around Hornby Island provides an excellent way to view the rich variety of the Island's coastal scenery and marine life.