Aquarian Systems Inc. / Ed Hoeppner

The owner of Aquarian Systems, Ed Hoeppner, has been living on Hornby Island for over twenty years. As well as having designed and built many homes, Ed is a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner, certified for planning and installation. Ed has also designed and installed many rainwater collection systems both for new construction and existing homes. Whether you want a septic system, rainwater system, or comprehensive building/property design, Aquarian Systems offers a range of services:

Aquarian Systems can help you create your vision, integrating your needs and functions with the inherent potentials of your property as well as with the environment. Every site has its particular constraints and possibilities. Identifying these, paves the way for an effective, integrated design for the home and property. Aquarian Systems specializes in creative custom designs to match your aesthetics, lifestyle, and needs, in harmony with the environment. Before you call the backhoe or the architect call Aquarian Systems to thoroughly assess your site and choose your house location.

As well as having a strong commitment to rainwater collection, wastewater management, and creative design, Ed also practices and teaches Tai Chi, and plays a wide variety of instruments – many he has made himself.

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